Yoga reviews

Guru Guruji Soham

(De yoga leraar van Amanda)

Giving a review about Zen Company and Amanda in a formal way is not easy for me because of my spiritual connection with Zen Company and Amanda. We are actually one team.

But I can proudly say that it is an honor and blissfull experience to work and be connected with Amanda! She truly radiates love and kindness, and every time I meet her I feel rejuvenated, inspired and being graced with her positive energy! She welcomes every one and every moment in her life with a warm heart and creates a safe, healing, and peaceful atmosphere for all. Her integration of spirituality into the practice reminds me of the true definition of yoga and beauty. She is amazing specially when she brings her sense of humorous and playfulness on the yoga mat, I see the innocent divine child in her every actions.

She will be my inspiration and best buddy forever. All the best Amanda and Thank you for inspiring me and many people- Namaste